LiteTutors CRM



  • Generate Invoices and other custom files like compiled list of customer information
  • Automated sending of email based on business processes
  • Automate syncing of activities and calendar with Customer Details to Google Mail
  • Record all calls in one place
  • View all datas in graphical format

LiteTutors CRM


  • Date: October, 2014

Really appreciate that Gigaquirks was able to work within our tight budget, but deliver the features that we urgently need, the rest of which we might add on in time to come when we outgrow the system, or need additional features. With our simple CRM in place, it has made our job easier, everything is centralized in this system & what we require of our staff is to consistent update our system with the Tutor's Profile as well as Customers' Info, this drastically cut our time required to shortlist tutors for our customers, we can even send email of a few tutors' profile at a click of a button! The detailed breakdown of the cost for the Invoice helped us alot when it comes to claiming for ICV & PIC, something not many of the IT development companies do.

Jia Hao, Founder, LiteTutors