How to Update Menu in WordPress

How to Update Menu in WordPress

One of the many questions our clients ask us is, how do I update the menu? In this article, we will teach you how to update the menu in wordpress.

1. Location of Menu

Depending on the design of your website, there might be several locations a menu could be present in.

Most website could have menu appearing at the top of the page.

Gigaquirks MenuOther websites might prefer to have a separate menu at the footer of the page.

The Straits Times Menu

Alternatively for more unique menu, your website design could include a different menu for mobile/ipad version.

Here is an example of a menu for an e-learning website which will only be shown to users who are logged in.


So how do you find out how many menu your website theme has?

  1. Login to WordPress Admin. On the left side bar, go to Appearance > MenuWordpress Appearance - Menu
  2. On the right hand side under Menu Settings, you will be able to see the number of menu locations available to you.  For this example, you can see that SCALA has 6 different menu locations they could use.SCALA Theme Locations

2. Updating the menu links

Now that you have learnt what menu locations you can use, you can go right ahead to set the menu.

  1. Create a new menu or select the menu you would like to edit in the dropdown box. Select a Menu
  2. On the left hand side, select the pages/posts > click on Add to Menu. 
  3. If your website is an e-learning website, and you cannot find Course/Forums on the left hand side, go to the top of the menu page and Select Screen Options and check the items you would like to see. Screen Options
  4. Remember to save the menu before you exit the page!

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